Community Events

On this page you’ll find a list of upcoming/ongoing events and contests in our community that you might want to check out! Know of anything we haven’t added yet? Contribute to this list here.


Hacktoberfest badge

Hacktoberfest is an annual event that takes place every October in the spirit of open source and collaboration. For more information, click here!

How to help out P2P Hack Club and win a free T-Shirt! [UNDER CONSTRUCTION, we need some time to prepare for Hacktoberfest 2022 ;)]

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub.

Before you start, please read our Code of Conduct.

  1. Choose one of our participating repositories:
  2. Look through the issues (in the issues tab), and find a feature to contribute/a bug to fix.
    • TIP: Issues labeled “first-timers-only” are for first time contributors. These issues are generally simple fixes to help you get the hang of the contribution process.
    • If there aren’t any issues, create one! There’s always something to improve, even if someone hasn’t asked for a specific improvement yet.
  3. Address the issue by creating a pull request.
  4. Submit the pull request for review.
  5. Make any requested changes from project maintainers.
  6. Booyah! Your PR is merged into the repository!

ALL Careers Contest

For BVSD students, teachers, and schools as well as environmental educators in Boulder County, CO- Win significant cash prizes and recognition in Boulder County! How can a high school education explicitly be a part of the creation of a green economy and empower young people in the process? How can environmental principles be applied to just about any career, job, or field? How can young people (of any age) be empowered to create a sustainable world by applying environmental principles to just about any career, job or task?” Students, educators, and entire BVSD high schools as well as environmental educators in Boulder County are invited to submit lessons, activities, and/or materials they develop to connect environmental knowledge and concern with careers and jobs in that green economy. The purpose of this contest is to encourage careful thought about these questions and then to inspire the creation of lessons, activities and/or materials to advance an “ALL Careers approach” to education.

Visit ALL Careers Contest: 2022-23 School Year for more information and submission guidelines. Questions? Contact Martin Ogle at

Stony Brook’s Simons STEM Scholars Program

Stony Brook’s Simons STEM Scholars Program provides high-achieving, under-represented students interested in STEM the ability to pursue advanced degrees and endless opportunities.

Stony Brook is a national leader in STEM education. The Stony Brook Simon’s STEM Scholars program offers its students opportunities including:

Apply here.

National Games for Change Student Challenge

The Games for Change Student Challenge is the leading national game design program that combines students’ passion for games with digital learning and civic engagement.

The 2021-2022 G4C Student Challenge includes professional development in game-based learning for cohorts of teachers, in-school and after-school game-making courses, student game jams and workshops, mentorship from games industry professionals, and social impact Themes with digital resources provided by cause-based partners. The Challenge culminates in a national game design competition through which students can submit their original work for the chance to win prizes, including a $10,000 scholarship, generously provided by Take-Two Interactive. Winners are announced live during an Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year.

Program participation is available nationally to all middle/high schools in the U.S., and includes a special focus on the Challenge Cities of New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Seattle.

Learn more.