Love Calculator

Happy Valentine’s Day! We updated the website 😲. This page CSS still looks pretty ugly though, if you have the skills/want to help out, it would be great if we could get these block posts looking a little nicer. Maybe some margins on the side…a white background for text, maybe even something other than this boring font! Hehehe I’m getting a little carried away, but you can edit the website by clicking the link in the footer ;).

Anywayyyyyyyy…..on this day of love, let’s make a love calculator! Never heard of them? Basically, you input two people’s names (or more information, such as their birthdate, zodiac sign, favorite number, etc), do some math, and output your prediction. 90% compatibility? 0%? How you calculate it based on the input is up to you! They say that there’s no formula for love, but we can try to make one anyway!

This workshop is going to be a little different from the other workshops!! Since we are a little further in the year, there is going to be less individual direction, so you can go off and create your own masterpiece! Wanna use (with a proxy on the school WiFI of course xD) Go for it! Scratch? Your personal computer’s development environment? GitHub Pages? Code sandbox? Try something new, or use a tool that you feel comfortable with!

To teach you how to build things yourself, you are going to be finding your own tutorial today! Here are just a couple that we found, but you can try your own!

These aren’t love calculators, but could be some inspiration for another project!

Remember to share the love and upload whatever you are working on to the classroom assignment so we can share what you made!

💖 P2P Hack Club