Meeting #1: Sprig (9/27/2022)

hehe it’s like 1AM when I’m writing this soz I don’t have time to center this slide presentation on the website :DDD

Let’s get started with some hacking! My sincerest apologies (JP writing this!), but the website is a little under construction. Since literally yesterday the website was rebuilt using a web framework called Jekyll, and now the website is way easier to edit and maintain, but development is still needed to complete the new styles, page layouts, backfill content from previous Hack Club meetings, etc. Check back soon (like really soon), and the website should be changing almost weekly with new content!

Each Hack Club meeting is going to be directed by you! After you heard us drone on with the slide presentation for hopefully not too long, the rest of the time is up to you to hack and create cool stuff!

Each meeting this year will usually go like this

  1. 5-10 minutes: Group time where coleads present slides introducing the day’s workshop.
  2. 2 minutes: Members fill out attendance form
    • Why do we keep track of attendance? Although this club is very flexible (you can come for 1 meeting or all of the meetings!), we are very data driven, so it’s really helpful for us to see which meetings are well-attended.
  3. Rest of time: Member-directed hacking!
    • Each meeting will include a workshop, for this meeting we are running Sprig (more on that below!). These workshops are designed to take 15 minutes to complete a shippable product. Shippable means that you are able to demo your project to other people, and you can be proud of what you built! Each workshop will then have extensions after 15 minutes, which can turn a normal project into something unique and amazing by the end of the meeting!
    • Each workshop is OPTIONAL! If you are already hacking on a computer-science related project (maybe you’re building your own website, app, videogame, toaster, robot, invention) then feel free to ignore the workshop and go for what you want to do!

So… what’s the workshop for today?


Uh.. I mean Sprig

Sprig is a game console that you can develop for made by hack clubbers, for hack clubbers.

You can draw, make music, and craft games in a web-based editor. If you build an original game, Hack Club HQ will send you a Sprig kit for free!

Today, you’re going to:

1. Make Sprig Game

2. Save Sprig Game

3. Post Sprig Game

4. Join Squid Game


1. Make Sprig Game (15 minutes)

  1. Go to and explore the website! Learn more about the console you are developing for. If you feel so inclined, here are some guiding questions for your research!
    • How many colors does the Sprig support?
    • How large is the screen?
    • What programming language does the Sprig support?
    • How long does the battery last?
    • What is the Sprig made from?
  2. Go to and explore the gallery of Sprig games that have been created by Hack Clubbers at other clubs, all around the world! Don’t spend more than 5 minutes on this step, leave some time to create your own game!
  3. When you’re ready to start, enter the Sprig editor at
  4. Follow the instructions in the editor to start your first game!

Extensions: Welcome to the extensions section! At the end of 15 minutes, you should have a working Sprig game (possibly through Level 6 of the instructions)! Now, it’s time to make this game your own!

The more unique the better! You must have a unique game to be able to recieve a physical sprig from Hack Club.

2. Save Sprig Game (2 minutes)

Name your game

Add the following comment.

@title: your_game
@author: your name

3. Post Sprig Game (15 minutes)

Ship to the rest of P2P Hack Club: Select “file”, “share”, then “as link”. A link to your code should now be copied to your clipboard. Upload your link to the Google Classroom assignment! Remember that if you change your project, you should generate a new link.

All of the ships posted to the Google Classroom will be added to this website in a gallery by the next meeting, so that others can see and play your game! By the end of the year, we can fill up with really cool projects!

If you want to ship your game to the world (and be eligible for a free Sprig in your mailbox): Follow the instructions at

4. Join Squid Game

If you made it here, you are tough enough to survive squid game. Seriously, you are amazing!


Thank you all for coming to this meeting! We’re so excited to see what you build this year!